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Discover How We Are Fighting Back Against Our Fat & 10xing Our Marketing Efforts By Joining The Online Launch Agency’s
Fat 2 Fit Marketing Freaks Mastermind
No This Isn’t A Program or MLM, It’s A Mastermind !! 

Allow me to explain in more detail, but before I do watch this raw video on how my 60lb. weight swings over the last 3-5 years have literally wreaked havoc on my life and business!!!  
First and foremost, if you’re happy being overweight this mastermind probably isn’t for you. You have every right to be any shape or size marketer you choose to be. 

If however you think your weight might affect you and your marketing negatively, then this might just be what you’re looking for. We all have different body types and come in many shapes and sizes, but I think we all know when we’ve got a little too much meat on the bone :) 

I know for me weight has personally affected my mood in many ways as you’ve heard in my video. The 60LB. Weight swings have been like riding a roller coaster with constant highs and lows. 

I think for us marketers and entrepreneurs it’s easy to slide off the train and and ease our chairs up to the buffet and say we’ll get to ourselves tomorrow… Right now I have to focus on my business. 

As an Agency and entrepreneurs we know we have to focus on this to advance to the next level and would love for you to come along with us. 

Before we lay out what’s involved in the Mastermind itself let’s listen to Ray’s story as well. You might be shocked at how this has affected him being someone most would consider in great physical condition already. 

Now let’s talk about this Amazing Mastermind and our special trainer over the course of the next 4-5 weeks. 

His name Is Josh Ortegon and he’s not only a client of the Agency but a personal friend to both Ray and Myself… 
Josh Ortegon, CSCS.
CEO, PHNM Brand Fitness & Nutrition

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Josh Ortegon has been involved with everything from general fitness, to managing collegiate programs, and even training professional athletes. Josh's wide range of experience is what separates him in the fitness and nutrition industry. 

So why are we bringing in the Big Gun? 

It’s simple really if you think about it… 

Attacking this issue is no different than attacking a marketing campaign. We need to educate ourselves and understand what to look for and exactly what we need to be doing on a consistent basis to achieve the level of success we desire… 

Having a tour guide, experienced mentor, and someone to motivate you has always served us well on our journey and this is no different. 

Josh is simply our tattooed Fitness Freak Tour Guide :) 
This Mastermind is going to be Amazing and we are convinced will transform lives…

It will consist of 4 Group Zooms that will last between 90 - 120 Minutes Each and they will be extremely POWERFUL. 

The First Zoom will kick off on Sunday the 22nd so the Deadline to join the mastermind will be Saturday the 21st at Midnight PST after which the doors will be CLOSED. 

Oh, and if you think this MASTERMIND will only be about becoming a Fit Marketing Freak you would be WRONG. 

We are also going to incorporate in some amazing marketing training to include some crazy Mindset Hacks Ray and I have used that kept us in the game during some of our darkest times and of course an Open Q&A session to talk about all things Marketing. 

We couldn’t let Josh have all the FUN and we know everyone joining this Mastermind will be an aspiring marketer so not to talking marketing would be insane. 

So let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect to learn over the course of this incredible Mastermind… 
Here's What You Get When You Join The
Fat 2 Fit Marketing Freaks Mastermind
  • 4 Week Mastermind -  Weekly Zoom sessions (90-120 Minutes) where you will be able to participate.
  • Expert Fitness & Nutrition Guidance From Josh: For all types of bodies and goals! Structured nutrition and  complete fitness plans for all! Worksheets and guides will be delivered as well as the live training.
  •  Mindset & Business Hacks From Ray & Eric: Easy things you can implement fast to keep your mind right and your business growing faster!
  •  Weekly Fitness & Marketing Q&A: At the end of each Zoom session, we will open up for just Q&A on all things marketing and fitness...
Lock your spot (while still available) and let's get started together on 7/22/18!

Meet Eric Green & Ray Dietrich, Online Launch Agency Co-Founders

In addition to running a digital marketing agency, Eric & Ray have built network marketing teams as large as 30,000 people, handled launches for industry leaders, as well as network marketing companies.  They mix old school proven techniques with internet marketing to build massive communities achieving duplication.
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